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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Area-51 UFO A.E.-341.15B

Area-51 UFO A.E.-341.15B
1-72 Scale. This kit measures 8 inches in diameter with landing gear new tooling. Skill level 2. Model companies occasionally make models which the government denies. The stealth bomber for example. Here we have an alien spacecraft that the government is hiding in area 51....okay...

It is a good kit. Excellent casting and the pieces fit well. Pegasus has set some high standards for the industry and this shows it.

It is also a good item for Hydra Miniatures War Rocket game

Feature Details :
  • Based on accounts and sightings of unidentified crafts as described and witnessed over the years
  • Includes landing gear and open hatch panels, as well as closed hatch panels for building a flying display model
  • Comes in gray, with a plastic clear diffused green lenses perfect for lighting
Area-51 UFO A.E.-341.15B