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Monday, April 30, 2012

California Baby Basics Tote 7 piece

California Baby Basics Tote 7 piece
California Baby Basics Tote 7 piece. California Baby's line of soothing products are the perfect solution to tired tempers and weary bodies. This tote is the perfect way to take your favorite soothing baby care products with you - out of town or on a sleepover - or to introduce yourself to these wonderful products.

All California Baby products contain only natural ingredients - no harsh chemicals that can irritate a baby's sensitive skin. California Baby Calming Basics Totes includes: Calming Bubble Bath (60ml) Calming Shampoo & Bodywash (60ml) Calming Hair De-tangler Spray (60ml) Calendula Cream (15ml) Botanical Moisturizing Cream (15ml) SPF 30+ Everyday/Year-round Sunscreen Lotion (15ml) Rubber ducky bath toy Cosmetic bag dimensions : Length 7'', Width 2'', Height 5''

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