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Friday, March 18, 2011

Thomas Bed Set - Blue (Toddler)

Thomas Bed Set - Blue (Toddler)
Thomas Bed Set - Blue (Toddler). Overall, this set is good quality and not as stiff and scratchy as some other low-priced character sets we've had previously. Our 3 year old loves the set, too!

The quilt and pillowcase are the only pieces with Thomas' image. The sheets simply have various sayings spelled out on them. Therefore, if you don't use the comforter, there's not much to look at.

The pillowcase seems a bit big, and the comforter is more of a quilted blanket. This means that while nice quality, it is fairly thin. In fact, I was surprised how small the package was when we received it. We kept his old comforter on the bed in addition to this one to make sure he's warm enough in the winter. It will be nice for summer by itself, though, and won't be as heavy and hot as a standard comforter.

It washes well and is holding up very well after several months - no fading, loose stitching, etc. If you like the design, go for it.
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