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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Calico Critters Whiskers Cat Family

Calico Critters Whiskers Cat Family

These cats and kittens are just like all cats and kittens. Mom Katrina is finicky about cleanliness, son Branson loves to play, daughter Amelia is a champ at finding secret hiding places (where, we're sure, she sits purring until discovered), and father Sebastian is a patient sort of pussy who works (where else?) at the local dairy farm. A quartet of posable, petite kitties (Sebastian, the tallest, is just over 3 inches), the Calico Critters Whiskers Cats are toys designed by someone who did some thinking about how real kids play.

They're made of durable plastic and covered with a layer of fuzzy, soft fur. Their paws can be posed, their heads turned, and they can stand or sit with equal ease. Their clothes are designed with Velcro and elastic, so little people can get them on and off without destroying them. And there are scads of well-designed accessories available. If your child's at that age where little tiny things have great big appeal, the Calico Critters are a terrific place to start. They'll keep you (and the kids) going for a long time.

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