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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Saturn V with Apollo Capsule Wood Model

Saturn V with Apollo Capsule Wood Model
In 1961 NASA contracted Boeing to build the 138-foot, 300,000-pound S-1C boosters that were the first stage of the 363-foot Saturn V launch vehicles that would blast Apollo capsules to the moon. The first-stage booster had 7.5 million pounds of thrust and was a quantum leap beyond other rockets of the time.

North American Rockwell built the second stage, and the McDonnell Douglas Corp. built the third stage. By 1964, Boeing was in charge of assembling all three stages of the rocket and providing mission support. Our collectible 1:200-scale model is reproduced from Boeing-approved engineering drawings and meticulously painted to resemble the actual aircraft.

Made from kiln-dried Philippine mahogany. Stand included. Height: 21.75". Width: 3.75". Made in Philippines.

Saturn V with Apollo Capsule Wood Model