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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kidkraft Designer Dollhouse

Kidkraft Designer Dollhouse
Kidkraft Designer Dollhouse. KidKraft Designer Dollhouse. A dazzling design your daughter will love! Playing with dolls can get old real fast. But when you add an entire house of accessories to the mix, your "little lady's" imagination will be stoked for years of play!

This Designer Dollhouse does just that... with 3 dynamic levels of open space, including bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen, the fun is never over! Comes stocked with 11 pieces of furniture and lots of side windows so children can view dolls and accessories from various angles.

Takes minutes to put together, but creates a play environment your daughter will enjoy for days on end! Details: 2 beautiful curved staircases; Large enough enough that multiple children can play at once; Sturdy, long-lasting wood construction; Includes a "play" bed, couch, bathtub, sink, table / chairs and more; Measures 33 1/2 x 13 3/5 x 45 2/3". Pick up this awesome Dollhouse today! KidKraft Designer Dollhouse
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