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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

LEGO Police Station

LEGO Police Station
LEGO Police Station. LEGO City Police Station (7498). Stop the prisoners from escaping the police station through the pipe drain! They wont get far on foot. Use the police car to chase them down and transport them back to prison in the police van. Help keep LEGO City safe with this featurepacked set!The LEGO City Police Station (7498) features * Set Contains 783 Pieces

* Includes 4 police officers, 2 robbers, a police dog and lots of accessories * Modular building make building easy * Includes police car, prisoner transport van, and bicycle * Station features 2 jail cells, command centre with computers, helicopter landing pad on the roof, garage for two vehicles * Accessories include handcuffs, crowbar, wanted poster, dog kennel, evidence room, mug shot area and secret compartment
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