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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Snug Tub

Snug Tub
Snug Tub. The inflatable Snug-Tub is your growing child's safe, fun, comfortable, and water-conserving bathtub for use within your preexisting adult tub. Recommended for children who can sit up unassisted up to 24 months of age, the Snug-Tub bridges the gap between infant and adult tubs.

The inflatable sides and bottom provide something for your child to hold onto and are less slippery than tub surfaces, reducing accidental submersions. Toddlers can securely recline against the headrest (facilitating hair washing) and have a great time kicking the bouncy edges.

The Snug-Tub uses a fraction of the water of an adult tub. Deflated, the tub is compact (smaller than a kid's lunchbox). Interior dimensions are 14 by 24 inches; exterior dimensions are 21 by 32 by 9 inches.
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