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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fisher-Price Super Friends Batcave

Fisher-Price Super Friends Batcave
Fisher-Price Super Friends Batcave. The Joker is playing tricks that just aren't funny. Batman takes the elevator to the main floor of the bat cave, where robin has already lowered the drawbridge to the entrance. Holy grappling hooks, the penguin is right outside, head for the side door to make a quick exit on the bat cycle.

Unlock a new adventure every time you play with this imaginext adventures. The playset features a working draw bridge with spinning feature to make sure the bat cycle is always ready for action, elevator, and a jail with escape hatch.

It has a shooting grappling hook, loading door that opens and closes, loading hook that raises and lowers, and a side door that can also be used with the bat cycle. This includes batman, robin, batcycle, console, satellite dish, antenna, two batarangs, bathook, and can be folded for easy play and storage.

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