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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Calico Critters Pigglywink Pig Family

Calico Critters Pigglywink Pig Family
Cloverleaf Corners is a magical place of imagination, where animal families all live together, as well as play, laugh, learn and love. There are charming homes, playgrounds, toy shops, schools and more! Each parent is about 3" tall, child 2.25 " tall, and baby 1.25" tall. The clothing is removable and everthing is interchangeable. This set is the Pigglywink Pig Family.

Get to know the adorable Pigglywink family. Critters adore visiting the Pigglywink home to gaze at Petunia's unique hand-painted pottery. Father Porter's happiest moments are when the entire family is together laughing and frolicking in the Picket Fence Pigpen. Brother Peter works in the family pottery store after school, and Sister Pansy paints the pottery and helps Mom with the Cloverleaf pottery parties held every month. Create your own imaginative stories and adventures for the Pigglywink crew.

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